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Allow your customers to have some control of their day instead of waiting in line.

  • Real time guest updates & alerts
  • Control queue & booking days
  • Smart capacity queuing
  • Save your customers from waiting around


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Bepro streamlines your bookings, reduces wait times, and enhances the patient experience, making it a must-have solution for any business looking to improve efficiency and convenience.

Increased customer satisfaction

Let patients join & hold their position in the queue from their phone, no more waiting in line!

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Reduce Customer Walkaways

Keep customers in the queue whilst incentizing new customers to join

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Customizable Notifications

Send out automated SMS or email reminders to reduce no-shows.

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2,500 Waitlist Guests per month

Real time guest updates

Multiple Locations

Live Customer Dashboard


Public QR Check-in

Control queue & booking days

SMS Reminders

Integrate Online Payments

Performance Analytics

No Show Protection

Priority Support

Dedicated Setup Support

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Importance of managing customer flow
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Here to automate your queue and bookings

Bepro users tend to:  
  • Dramatically decrease the risk of customer walkaways
  • Attract better, high-quality customers
  • Increase business operations scalability
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